In addition to all the theatre that’s up at the Edinburgh Fringe, there’s a massive range of stand-up comedy to choose from, too. Just like the theatre up here, there’s loads of different genres for you to sample, whether it’s dark, witty or farcical. But Canadian newcomer Michelle Christine doesn’t really fall into any of these categories; instead, she just seems to go with the flow and mix and match them.

The premise of Christine’s show is simple: she recounts her journey to the Fringe from the moment just before she wanted to become a comedian. She blends a selection of anecdotes into her main narrative, and adds in a few surprises along the way to keep the audience engaged. Dressed as a Canadian ‘Mountie’, she invites you to listen to her tale in a bid to connect, befriend and entertain.

This is certainly where Christine succeeds; she has a lovely quiet authority that pulls the audience’s focus to her. We listen with glee as if we’re being told a quirky bedtime story that’s full of moments that make you gasp, inwardly cheer and smile. Her vocals are clear, and she’s confident in her refreshing, stripped back style.

The only problem I have with Christine’s performance is her incongruity, and a tendency to diverge into things that don’t really bear relevance to her narrative. For instance, she occasionally throws in anecdotes about smoking marijuana and, er, private bedroom matters with her husband. Of course, I can see how Christine is attempting to throw into the mix some matters that will tickle the audience through tapping into taboo subjects, but I don’t really think they have much of a presence in this particular routine of hers. She would have just been fine to recount her tale without any of these bits of excess.

Despite this, Christine’s routine exemplifies her as a light-hearted, confident performer that can engage an audience and take them on a comedic journey. I have no doubt that one day Christine will evolve into a fully-fledged, well-balanced comedian; her current show is definitely worth a watch, and her story worth a listen.

Michelle Christine is playing at Spotlites until 28 August. For more information and tickets, see the Spotlites website.