Maggie’s back ladies and gents and this time she’s pitting us against one another in a technicolor extravaganza. After a hugely successful run of Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Soho, Matt Tedford, who plays Maggie adds a competitive edge to his new show with games such as ‘Check Your Privilege’ and a riotous assault course around the stage. An evening of debauchery ensues with Tedford’s signature interaction with the audience being a particular highlight.

Unlike most game shows, every guest on this one elicits very strong opinions from the audiences and take physical forms never before seen on TV. From a puppet Nicola Sturgeon to a horrifyingly masked Corbyn, we are treated to a who’s who of the political world today in post-Brexit Britain. The guests themselves are also treated to a number of hilarious delights- my particular favourite being the rap battle with Angela Merkel. She ia a woman unto herself and Maggie’s two glittery shorts wearing assistants portrayed her in the best way possible – her clipped brusque manner that we all know and love.

Being split into two teams – the Skivers and Strivers – provided the ideal amount of audience participation and Maggie’s random selection of contestants from each side provided us the opportunity to scream the house down to egg them on. They had to pick the most controversial headlines and even physically destroy the NHS all to the tune of that famous demolition classic, Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’.

Obviously for the past few years, Tedford has been able to perfect the Queen of Soho show and although he did make reference to a complete rewrite of this show in the past few weeks due to the political turmoil, it did seem that this was slightly more wobbly than it should have been. That being said this albeit slightly less polished performance still had the audience in stiches from start to finish and we all happily brexited through the gift shop.

Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Game Shows is playing at Assembly until 29 August. For more information and tickets see the Assembly Festival website.