Sometimes, after a long day of seeing shows, or giving out countless flyers to hundreds of strangers on the Royal Mile (you’ll be in one of those two groups I’m sure), you just want to have a good rest and a laugh. But listen up, AYT readers – I’ve found one such little show that will be the perfect antidote to a long day at the world’s largest theatre festival.

Meet musical comedy duo Flo and Joan. They are sisters Nicola and Rosie Dempsey, taking their pseudonyms from their gin-loving old ladies they used to be neighbours with. Armed with a keyboard, a handheld drum kit made out of Pringle tubes and an acute eye for life’s little quirks, the two sisters are here to conquer Edinburgh’s Free Fringe at the Newsroom bar.

Their songs are comedic views on several things, including finding love in Little Chefs, saving the bees and finger buffets. This might sound like a bizarre combination of topics, but trust me on this one: it really works. The pair are absolutely hilarious; the stories in their comedic songs are perfectly executed, and are firmly cushioned by inventive, addictively simple melodies and harmonies to add a bit of sheen to their overall presence. Throw into the mix a very clever and witty mish-mash of different musical genres, firmly bound together by well-considered, tight lyrics.

The vibe that Flo and Joan both give off is warm and welcoming, and you can’t help but feel drawn into their madcap stories when you’ve settled down underground in the Newsroom’s basement. They joyfully and confidently set out to entertain and engage you with their work, and I am certainly confident that these two have given me a night that I won’t soon forget. They’re a pair that deserve attention, respect and lots of laughs.

If you’re looking for a good bunch of laughs that lasts just under an hour, then look no further. There’s nothing else here but pure laughter, and these two have provided me with one of my favourite evenings up here at the Fringe. These two are going to be really huge one day, perhaps from all of the finger buffets they supposedly love and attend, but mainly because they’re utterly hilarious. They’re both an absolute must see.


Flo and Joan are playing at The Newsroom until 21 August. For more information, see the Edinburgh Fringe website.