2015SHAKENN_AEHDaniel Craig has dropped out of Quantum of Solace and Alex Fox and Dom O’Keefe seem to be the only ones to save the world from having to live without another James Bond film. I guess some people have greatness thrust upon them and all that.

The result is  Shaken Not Stirred, the James bond improv show, where an entirely new James Bond adventure will unravel before our eyes. We, the audience submits suggestions for the title of the James Bond adventure Dom and Alex will perform, as well as randomly selecting the location and which Bond (Moore, Craig, Connery ect.) will star.

Like all improv, the success of the show relies on the ideas of the audience that day, hence why we ended up watching ‘James Bond and The Garden Rake’, which I have to say it not a title that inspires the most hilarious of parodies. Particularly when the bad guy is ‘Boris Titchmarsh’, the garden tycoon. Yawn.

The best improv ideas were when audience members intervened in the action in some way  – prompting the two characters on stage to fall in love and the like. More of this would have been good, the show needed an extra injection of audience participation half way through, because it definitely tailed off towards the end. It would have been nice to maybe see some more variation in terms of which Bond they were playing –  both their Sean Connery impression were amusing, I suppose, but that joke gets old pretty quickly.

However, when it’s good, it’s very funny. Although I’m not sure they have yet hit the structural nail on the head yet, this show is essentially two friends riffing off each other, trying to keep it together, and looking like they’re having a blast in the process. Which is kind of charming in its own way.

Shaken Not Stirred is playing at Just the Attic @ The Marsh House from 6-30 August (except 18) as part of the Edinburgh Fringe. For more information, see the Festival website.