Yellow_Power_RangerNobody said it was easy…

No, fair reader, I haven’t accepted a position as lead singer of a Coldplay tribute act (Tepidpause? Chillmute?), I’m merely summing up semester two at the Drama School of Dreams.

I’m going to go for the positive – it’s been a term of discoveries and decisions (to use dramaschoolspeak). I’m nearing assessment week and, frankly, the sooner the better – roll on Chocoliday (Easter). It’s been a tough term and I speak for both my mind and my body when I say I am more than ready for the break.
In terms of work and learning, I think I’ve learned a lot about the kind of performer I am – not necessarily through a stream of successes – and I am firmly of the view the the Drama School Experience is as much about discovering what works for you and how to apply this as it is about revolutionising your approach.

I think I suspected I was a very specific kind of performer and that I possessed particular skills and attributes, so this term has been useful in solidifying this and in reminding me that personal satisfaction is half the battle. Being happy with one’s work is as much a part of the process as impressing others, and I think there’s a strength in accepting what one can realistically do and achieve, whilst also being open to trying something new. Maybe it’s age – although most days I forget I’m any older, as my collection of Power Rangers DVDs would attest – but then again, maybe not: pan across my class on any given day and you can see each person making up their own mind about what they’re hearing, which I think is a good thing. Some people absorb and use everything they’re taught – others don’t.

I’m can’t pretend I’ve been entirely successful in terms of pleasing my teachers – indeed, on occasion, a WTF?! bubble appears to hover above their heads while witnessing my efforts – but I’m no longer too worried about this. I’ll always do my best to toe the line, but being an artist is all about breaking the rules and experimenting, so if I fail on paper, I actually succeed. Perhaps I can’t always “live in the moment” and “actively listen” but I can “make bold metaphysical choices” and I have “a beautiful inner ear” (actual quotes, proving I’m taught by bona fide eccentrics).

Term 3 is going to be the biggie, I think, in terms of wrapping up the year – the quirky, slightly pretentious part of me can’t wait to take to the outdoors and perform recitals to the Ancient Gods (my first project next term, no joke), all the while counting the weeks until Summer.

Come to me, June and let me bask in your overcast rays… despite the fact that I’ve booked myself solid with extra-curricular projects (hey, if I have to run the gauntlet IN school, be sure I’m gonna drink dry the well of free opportunities OUTSIDE school drier than a Martini on Mad Men).

Mucho love and chocolate


Image: Yellow Power Ranger