If you’ve realised that you want to work in theatre but you just don’t know where to start then Susan Elkin (Education and Training Editor for The Stage) has just written the perfect book for you…So You Want To Work In Theatre? There are loads of jobs in the industry and we think this book can help you to understand what is available behind-the-scenes, rather than just in front it, which is why we have teamed up with the publishers to give you the chance to win a copy! We have THREE wonderful copies to give away so read the blurb below for some more information about the book and then scroll down to enter.

susan elkin

So You Want To Work in Theatre?
by Susan Elkin
An essential guide for young people who want to work in the theatre
£9.99, Nick Hern Books

Many young people are eager to experience the excitement and allure of working in theatre, but often this only goes as far as imagining themselves as actors, on stage in front of an audience every night. In reality, there are more jobs off the stage than on it. They can be every bit as rewarding as acting – and certainly more secure because there are invariably fewer people competing for each one.

So You Want To Work In Theatre? is an essential, no-nonsense guide for young people who want to work in theatre – and for their parents, teachers and careers advisers.

Using her expertise as Education and Training Editor for The Stage, Susan Elkin encourages aspiring theatre-makers and workers to look beyond acting to some of the other behind-the-scenes options available: playwriting, directing, producing, designing, stage management, administration, publicity, front-of-house, stage door…

And, for those who really must, the book does cover how to get into acting too.

To learn a bit more about the book, why not read our guest blog with author Susan Elkin?

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