In case you missed it live over on our Instagram account on Sunday, here’s episode 15 of our AYT in Isolation series and an incredible interview with Chris Sonnex.

Chris is a director, former AD of the now (unfortunately), closed Bunker Theatre in London and works as an Associate at High Tide (be sure to check out our interview with their AD, Suba Das here.

Chris talks to Tricia Wey about SO MUCH, we don’t even know where to start…. How’s he doing? (as well as a cis, white, het man can be); he talks about his humble beginnings working at Harrods, being on the dole, before doing an unpaid internship at the Royal Court and owing a lot to AD, Vicky Featherstone; literally working in every section of the Bunker, including on the bar, as an usher and on box office; his feelings on the future of theatre and the necessity for it to have a more political outlook and both he and Tricia agree wholeheartedly that as working class creatives, you have no choice but to make your art your life.

If you like this, just you wait… Chris will be interviewing Tricia very soon and we couldn’t be more excited. Watch this space!

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