Sister[author-post-rating] (4/5 Stars)

A stripper is welcoming the audience at the entrance, while another is dancing on the pole. Yet this is not a strip club, but the Marlborough Theatre in Brighton

Sister concentrates on a relationship between two sisters and their journeys through the discovery of their sexuality. It tells an unflinching story of two women who grow up in the same happy family but become two very different people. One is a lesbian with a shaved head and hairy armpits and legs, while the second is a porn actress who also works as an escort. Amy gives an insight into the sex industry and reveals that she actually likes the job. She also explains that while some people may see it as selling her body, she perceives it as providing a service  doing what she’s good at  while at the same time getting pleasure out of it. Rosana, on the other hand, tells how many blow jobs she has given in her life.

The sisters talk about their sexual experience, which they sometimes they didn’t enjoy, yet they are laughing about it, together with the audience. They show women’s journeys through sexual self-discovery, which isn’t a topic commonly present in the media, dominated by experiences of heterosexual men.

The show is presented in interesting and innovative forms. Just before the performance, my friend was asked if he wouldn’t mind having a lap dance on the stage – something I would never expect to happen in a theatre… Their nudity in place of costumes highlights similarities between them, and contrasts these with the diversity of their experiences, attitudes and needs.

The main idea behind the performance is to break stereotypes and praise diversity. The show presents how differently people can perceive the same thing, depending on their gender, sexual orientation and personality. It also encourages people to accept and celebrate those differences.

Sisters Rosana and Amy Cade tell their stories while removing make-up and struggling to dismantle a dance pole, which makes the audience feel like they are eavesdropping on a private conversation rather than watching a performance in a theatre. It creates a very relaxed atmosphere. The acting is astonishing and very natural: the performance talks about sometimes hard and controversial topics in an easy and relaxed way.

Sister is an unusual, inspiring show that grabbed my attention instantly, didn’t let go for a second and initiated an hour-long discussion with my friends. I enjoyed every second and would strongly recommend it.

Sister played at the Marlborough Theatre, Brighton Fringe. For more information see the Brighton Fringe website.