In its 25th anniversary year, Stan’s Cafe Theatre Company will host Trailblazers, an art project commissioned by Birmingham City Council to help teenagers gain some insight into local politics.

Six Year 10 students from 20 schools across Birmingham will act as the City Council of 2030 in the Birmingham Council Chambers on Wednesday, February 3. Birmingham City Council also hopes the project will give them some input from its young citizens.

James Yarker, Artistic Director of Stan’s Cafe, said: “It has been a privilege to walk and talk with all these young citizens of Birmingham. Their passion for the city has been heart warming but they have also expressed strong concerns around many issues including their environment, equality and safety. Our next step is to see how they can be engaged in helping to solve these problems.”

Nicola Gould, Head of Bournville Academy, added: “Participating in Trailblazers has enabled our students to grown in confidence. It has given them an opportunity to see the city in a new way.  The final event at the Council House promises to give them a better understanding of how the city is run and encourage them to become politically active.  Trailblazers allowed students to put ‘what it means to be a good citizen’ into context by providing them with opportunities to be reflective about for their actions. ”

At the start of the project, which is currently ongoing, the 120 teenagers planned and took part in some walking adventures around Birmingham. While on these walks, they were interviewed about their relationship with the city and their visions for its future.

During the meeting of 2030, the participating students will be challenged to imagine reorganising the city and resetting its priorities, tasked with finding routes to political activism and they will also write persuasive speeches to present their opinions.

The Trailblazers report will be presented in the form of a new map of Birmingham and will feature hundreds of photographs and quotes from the students.

Stan’s Cafe Theatre Company are running the Trailblazers scheme with the Birmingham City Council. For more information, click here.