The performing industry can often feel, for many budding young actors, like a daunting and overwhelming environment at the best of times. The unpredictability of this career is, for many budding thesps, the reason why they chose it in the first place and. as there is no single recipe for success. they are forced to learn by experience. In this blog I intend to illustrate my own perspective of this profession by talking about the encounters I am faced with; the beauty of this being that almost every day provides a completely fresh experience, a new story to be told, and a new lesson to learn and grow from.

A little bit about me: I graduated from university last year with a degree in English Language and Literature and am now training with Fourth Monkey Theatre Company on its repertory theatre training course. I have spent the past eight months training and performing with a like-minded group of people as well as with industry based practitioners, attempting to develop my acting skills and gain some experience performing top quality work on the London Fringe. This is only the first step on an undoubtedly long and winding road towards a professional career as an actor; it is going to be tough but, ultimately, very exciting.

I will document my own personal insights into everything a young actor encounters when starting out, from trying to get an agent, to headshots and financial issues. However, it would also be great to have your pearls of wisdom and experiences relating to the various components that comprise this career. Every one of my acting friends has at least one anecdote to tell which lays bare a small part of this hidden world and, with your input as well, we should be able to generate a veritable series of experiences, preparing creative young minds for the challenges before them. After all, I myself am in exactly the same position as countless others, learning by doing, and attempting to get a grasp on this ever-changing industry. If nothing else, I hope that at least one person may read this blog and take from it something that can help them within this profession and offer a stepping-stone along this bumpy path.

Essentially I am just testing the water here. I am excited about my immersion in this career and want to keep track of it all as I continue with each post; it feels like I have just stepped into a world I know very little about, but step by step I hope to find my way. If this helps future aspiring actors then great, and  if it entertains a few people, well, perfect.  It may end up being a solipsistic account of my life but I will then have to enjoy it being dredged up in the future, bringing about the dramatic downfall of my star-studded career and accept the consequences of that as and when is necessary.

For now, here we go…

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