Marianela Nunez and Thiago Soares in Romeo and Juliet. Photo ROH Dee-Conway

A Younger Theatre is teaming up with the Royal Opera House to give an exclusive insight into The Royal Ballet’s production of Romeo and Juliet as it is broadcast live from the Royal Opera House to more than 700 cinemas across the world, in our Digital Takeover. A Younger Theatre will be reporting from the Royal Opera House, and taking over the ROH’s social media channels to bring a young person’s perspectives on ballet as the world tunes into Romeo and Juliet.

We’re looking for six enthusiastic digitally-competent social media lovers who have never been to the ballet before, to live blog and tweet their experience whilst being given exclusive backstage access on 22 March. If you are aged 18-26, have never been to the ballet before, want to learn about the art form and have an active interest in digital journalism/social media, then this evening of ballet will be right up your street.

Apply to the Digital Takeover:

Want to take part? Download our application pack here.
Deadline: 15 March, noon.

What the Digital Takeover consists of:

– A free ticket to Romeo and Juliet
– Backstage access to Royal Opera House
– The chance to interview and engage with Royal Opera House staff and the Romeo and Juliet production team
– Live tweet and blog to thousands of viewers from across the world
– Experience your first ballet with other ballet novices

About Romeo and Juliet:

Kenneth MacMillan’s interpretation of Romeo and Juliet’s doomed love is one of the greatest examples of twentieth-century choreography. This revival by The Royal Ballet brings all the lyrical beauty and touching fluidity of its intimate moments for the two lovers, along with the grandeur of the ball scene and the action-packed encounters of the opposing Montagues and Capulets. Beautifully staged with rich period costumes and designs, Romeo and Juliet will draw you into its intense drama with some of the finest of today’s dancers matched to the powerful sounds of Prokofiev’s famous music. This is a wonderful chance for you to experience one of the most enduring tragic tales of all time, a classic of the international ballet repertory and a favourite of Royal Ballet audiences.

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