Brothers of Justice
Camden People’s Theatre
23-25 October  – 2-for-1 tickets (usually £12/£10)

Fuelled by the apathy they see everywhere, enraged by the deterioration of community brought on by evil corporations and greedy governments, angry at the gross loss of trust in the police force, the Brothers of Justice take to the streets determined to make a difference. They are Real Life Super Heroes – a little known sub culture that dress up in costumes and take to the streets to fight crime. This documentary-performance-lecture-comedy-tragedy is a rip-roaring stomp through the lives and imagination of two young(ish) men trying to save the world.

Performance makers Lawrence Speck and Joe Wild use their fantastical alter egos to interrogate the importance of empathy, the power of anonymity and the danger involved in allowing our dreams to shape our reality.

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