Run by Engineer Theatre Collective
New Diorama Theatre
£10 Ticket Offer for Tue-Thu & Sat mat

25 – 29 Nov | 7.30pm,
29 Nov | 3.30pm

We want more. We do. And why shouldn’t we have it? We’ve worked hard, educated, cultured and motivated ourselves. We’re hungry.

RUN is an exhilarating story of four investment bank interns chasing a career in the city. Whilst they hold little power today, these young financiers will be at the helm of our bankstomorrow.  Inspired by the true story of Moritz Erhardt, a 21 year old intern who died at his London flat after reportedly working 72 hours straight, RUN exposes the glamour and grind of the square mile.

Using striking physicality, sound and contemporary design, and developed in conversation with the freshest financial minds, award winning theatre company Engineer Theatre Collective give an authentic voice to these young financiers. They confront the violence, lust and death that underpins our rapacious relationship with money and portray a gripping exploration of what drives our natural desire for more.

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