A London theatre company that focuses on substance misuse issues has appointed a new creative director, following the death of their founder.

Outside Edge Theatre (OET) have appointed Susie Miller as the new CD, following the death of Phil Fox in 2014.

Ms Miller, an experience director and theatre maker, said: “I am excited about my new role – I was a little daunted at first as Phil Fox, OET founder and Artistic Director was such a creative force.

“It’s a tough job creating work of such a sensitive nature but I’ve grown to love it!

“OET has a genuine drive to share the truth about addiction.

“It’s something that most people have some experience of, it’s inherent in modern life but often not completely understood.

“We share the stories of addiction with honesty and strive for our audiences to empathise and recognise how it has and is affecting them and our society.”

OET was first founded in 1998 by Phil Fox, a former addict, to work with people who have substance abuse issues at all stages of their recovery.

Ms Miller will start work on Rockston Stories, which features a cast who have all been affected by addiction in some way.

She said of the production: “The cast of Rockston are our professional company of actors, I want to keep developing the company so we can continue to create powerful theatre.

“We still have a lot to say and want to find innovative ways to take our work to new audiences through our wider public facing work as well as more specific audiences in treatment centres and prisons.”

Susie Miller’s most recent projects include The Sparked Fun Palace, a national initiative developed by Stella Duffy to celebrate the ideas of Joan Littlewood.

Ms Miller has been appointed as the Creative Director of Outside Edge Theatre. She will start work on Rockston Stories, which will take place at the recently revamped Hoxton Hall. For more information, click here.