returns for its second season at London Wonderground. For you out-of-towners, Wonderground is a celebration of all things curious and full of wonders, so you just know its headlining show is going to be a little out-of-this-world. Limbo takes everything you could ever think of that would come under the “curious” category, and throws them all into an hour and fifteen minute show. Mixing manoeuvres, illusions, dance routines and live music, it takes you on a ride, showcasing each cast member’s insane abilities that will leave you gasping repeatedly.

While there is not much of a plot to follow, the story becomes more about what each member of the show can bring to the stage, and they definitely up each other’s game. Director Scott Maidment has managed to merge Limbo in such a way that you are constantly on the edge of your seat. There are even some points where you think some of the cast might there just to make up the numbers, but then they come out and completely up the Limbo ante by performing tricks like fire breathing. And one of the biggest things that you take away from this show is the fact that everything makes this show the way it is. There is no relying on the performers’ abilities  the costumes and lighting design also add to the wow factor. Philip Gladwell’s lighting is breathtaking at times, paying attention to detail and working well against the live music on stage.

But of course, I would not be freaking out about this show if it were not for the cast. You can definitely tell that Hilton Denis serves not as just a cast member but as the choreographer too. To put it bluntly, he is just miles better than everybody else. Every time he is on that stage you find your eyes drawn to him, whether it is tap dancing the hell out of the stage or free-dropping a mere few metres away from you on ten-foot bendable stilts. Yet we cannot dismiss the other cast members, from Heather Holliday and Evelyne Allard, who will make you feel like a strong independent individual when you see just how bad-ass they are on stage, to Mikael Bres, whose solo performance in the show can only be described as extreme pole dancing.

Honestly, you might be starting to think I am making this up but you have to see it to believe it  words are not enough to describe how insane this show is. There are only certain times in your life when you see the perfect show, and Limbo will be one of them. It is absolutely impossible to find any fault with it (and as a critic you do try your best to find one!). You will be in awe throughout, although your heart might rise up in your throat a few times… but the near heart attack is worth it.

Limbo is playing at London Wonderground, Southbank until 17 August. For more information and tickets, see the Southbank Centre website.

Photo by David Solm.