Gabriel Bisset-Smith Tells The Most Original And Funny Joke In The Universe! is a fireball of a spectacle carrying the raw energy of the original entrance throughout. This solo show is performed by multi award-winning performer, writer, director and all-round chameleon mastermind Gabriel Bisset-Smith. It is no wonder that this show, which exploded onto the Soho Upstairs stage, will be transferring to the Edinburgh Festival this August.

Bisset-Smith’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and within a few minutes we are already up on our feet clapping and following his lead. Bisset-Smith’s command of the audience is brilliant. He plays with the space, jokes, asks questions and pulls in a few (unwilling) participants. The front row victims act as his accomplices and best mates on his crazy journey under the names of Crisps, Tea Cakes and Onions and are famed for their speedy consumption of the aforementioned items.

This hour-long odyssey follows Bisset-Smith along his efforts to try to become original and different after he witnesses his grandfather passing away at the hospital. He fears that he will not be remembered, and strives to carve his own path and be memorable by creating the most original and funny joke in the universe. He concocts various methods and means of entrepreneurship such as creating a new dance (the microwave dance, which will hopefully catch on), a new reality TV show entitled Do You Want It?, and even seeking inspiration from his idol (Kanye West) and his best friend  a highly intoxicated British Sign Language interpreter for television. After unorthodox advice from the star, as well as his friends, he decides to take action.

From Bisset-Smith’s initial rockstar-like entrance, donning a crown, gold chains and a cape, it is clear that this performance will be wickedly wacky throughout. It provides for an evening of hilarity and entertainment for all (aged 14+). Highlights include doing the Macarena in a dinosaur onesie at a wedding, sex emoji discussions and of course audience participation, which involves peer pressure and lots of food.

Gabriel Bisset-Smith Tells The Most Original And Funny Joke In The Universe! touches on the 20-something’s search for being new, innovative and contributing something to the world, whilst simultaneously looking at the idea of mortality, emojis, cat videos and sex. Bisset-Smith revels in our need to try to be different and asks why we cannot just be ourselves. There is the reveal of the most funny and original joke in the universe very early into the show. I will not divulge as Bisset-Smith illustrates the montage of friends, family and relatives who died after hearing the joke, however the show provides for a hilarious evening of entertainment. It is definitely one not to be missed.

Gabriel Bisset-Smith Tells The Most Original And Funny Joke In The Universe! played at the Soho Theatre until 30 April. For more information and tickets, see the Soho Theatre website.